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Hi, how can we help you?
What do you mean by chatbots?
Chatbots are software that can conduct a conversation, much in the way a human would.
So, how do you implement chatbots?
We'll deploy a chatbot on a platform, like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Your users can talk to, or ask questions to the chatbot and get responses that address their need.
How does the chatbot know what the users need?
We use advanced AI technology and some predetermined responses to help your users get the information they need. They will feel your personal touch in every response.
What can your chatbots do?
Social Media Updates
All social media updates in one place.
Allow users to buy your products and merchandise.
Extend Content Reach
Share videos, songs, & posters.
Reward your users' digital actions and offline participations.
Upcoming Events
Tell your users about important upcoming events.
Subscribe / Unsubscribe
Offer subscriptions to your emails, newsletters, promotions right from the chatbot.
Nice, right?
Yeah, but what else?
Take polls from users through the chatbots.
Share / Invite friends
Users can share the chatbot with friends and invite others to use it.
Talk to your users in the language of their choice.
Human Support
If our AI spots a user having trouble, we can step in with human intervention
You seem to have big plans.
Can I see it in action?
If you're still not convinced, contact us with your idea and we'll figure it out together.
Sounds good!
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